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About Closet Connection Resale

"High-End Resale that Cares"

In 2011, we opened the Closet Connection Resale shop to provide sustainable & covered fashions to empower women. 

As we expanded our business over the years, we observed that many of the designer resale markets devolved into 'faceless' transactions riddled with fake items

So, we wanted to help. We transformed our store to supply rigorously authenticated Louis Vuitton & Gucci items at competitive prices & built a community of fashionista that loves designer bags. 

Now, we are proud to say we moved over 500+ designer items over 2 years while closely interacting with our customers via daily Facebook lives, designer bag flat lays, and vintage Louis Vuitton bag reviews. 

Thank you very much for checking our shop, and we will continue to work to serve our community.