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Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM & GM Comparison

July 02 2019 – Edward Lee

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM & GM Comparison
Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM & GM Comparison

This is one of number one questions we get in our store!

"Should I get Neverfull MM or GM?"

Here is a blog post to help you guide deciding best Neverfull size for you.

So, here are the basics.

In terms of size, Neverfull MM is 12.6 inches wide, 11.4 inches tall, and 6.7 inches deep.
Neverfull GM is 15.7 inches side, 12.8 inches tall, and 7.9 inches deep.
So, Neverfull GM is 3.1 inches wider, 1.4 inches taller, and 1.2 inches deeper than Neverfull MM

In terms of price, Neverfull MM retails mid 1,300 while Neverfull GM retails around low $1,400. And their price differences are around $80, which is very small. (Price may change over time)

In terms of size, both bags fit a lot!
However, as we all know, Neverfull GM will fit more.
MM fits daily essential; GM has extra spaces, you can put in your 1-3 days’ worth of clothes for travel, your camera, and any extra items.

Comparison Factors:
Now that we went over basics, let’s take a look at factors that you should consider before deciding on MM or GM.
Five factors to consider are lifestyle, shape preference, your physique, purchase channel and resale value.

In terms of lifestyle, Neverfull MM, is best suited for everyday use.
With its ample storage space and light yet sturdy structure, Neverfull MM is a perfect shoulder tote for daily use.
Also, MM works well as a diaper bag.
Lots of people tend to buy Neverfull GM as a diaper bag.
However, after their purchases, many of them realize that Neverfull GM is simply too bulky to go hands-free to hold your kid’s hands or deal with hectic problems around them.
So, I personally recommend more manageable Neverfull MM as a diaper bag.

Now, I personally recommend Neverfull GM if you plan to use the bag for travel, gym, or school.
As you know, Neverfull GM fits a lot. Literally, your physical strength is the limit of how much you can fit in this bag.
As a result, Neverfull GM is perfect for occasions that require you to bring more than your daily essentials.

In terms of shape, both Neverfull MM & GM have the same shape.
However, Neverfull GM does have a bit more versatility when it comes to its shape.
You can significantly lower the width of the bag by using the side strap.
And when you compare folded Neverfull GM with MM, there is not much size difference!
If you like this folded shape, Neverfull GM might be for you.

In terms of physique, it has been said that Neverfull MM looks great for people under 5’ 8’’ and Neverfull GM looks great on people over 5’ 8’’
However, for me, height is the least important factor. I think both Neverfulls work well for any height. Much more important factor is your shoulder health.
Neverfull GM fits a lot, and it can get heavy. So, if you have shoulder problems, you should avoid GM and get MM.

In terms of a purchase channel, if you are planning to purchase Neverfull from a resale market, we advise you to get Neverfull MM, since there are more out there.
Also, Neverfull MM is usually priced more competitively compared to GM.
If you are looking to get GM in the resale market, we advise you to be patient and take your time since there might be fewer choices. And obviously, if you are looking to buy Neverfulls new, MM & GM, are both great options!

In terms of resale value, Neverfull MM & GM do behave differently on the resale market.
If you are looking to resell your bag quickly, we recommend getting Neverfull MM.
In our opinion, there are simply more demands on the resale market for Neverfull MM.
So, usually, Neverfull MM will resell faster than GM.

However, if you are looking to resell your bag at a higher value, we recommend Neverfull GM.
Since Neverfull GM is rare on the resale market, GM’s value tends to hold up better than MM. GM on average holds up to 80% of its value while MM holds up to 65% of its value.
Both MM & GM are rock stars in retaining their values, but Neverfull GM does have a slight upper hand when it comes to the resale price.

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